Don't know where to start? You're not alone.

We've compiled a collection of resources to help get you up to speed, fast. We realize that not everyone is a cryptographic genius (well, very few people are) so our resources are intended to help the average individual quickly wrap their head around the blockchain/cryptocurrency/crypto asset space. 

Not sure about the whole space in general? Start here. 

Wondering exactly how a Cryptocurrency transaction works? Check this out.

Want to understand who the players in the ecosystem are? Try this.

Getting started and need some cryptocurrency? You'll need one of these.

Neufund has created this document for on boarding new team members to their crypto start-up... take a look, it's a fantastic study guide...

Here are some of our favorite podcasts in the space...

Long running show, in depth technical discussions with thought leaders in the crypto space:

Good daily news re-cap of the latest in crypto & a quick market round up: 

Curated articles, read out loud, great content:

A good episode on crypto-economics:

Interviews and discussions with thought leaders in the space, very high quality show:

These guys are really and funny and have been covering alt-coins for a few years, more of a show for coin and mining geeks: