Applications are built on top of the components in the ecosystem.  The below are some of the key application areas we are researching.

Payments & Payment Channels

The traditional business model of settling transactions in ecosystems with many players is ripe for disruption using payment channels and smart contracts.


New ways to lend, borrow, and finance are possible with smart-contracts. We've had a hackathon and built some proof-of-concepts on the Ethereum network.

Supply Chain

Blockchain has tremendous potential to reshape global commerce. This is also one of the most challenging spaces to innovate because of fragmentation, many stakeholders, and legacy systems.  We've won 3rd place in a hackathon building a proof of concept, and participated in the Cisco CHILL month long Hyper Innovation lab developing solutions for supply-chain and supply-finances challenges specifically for large enterprise.

Org Structures & Governance

As a companies move from start-up to enterprise the entrepreneurial DNA tends to be lost.  We are exploring ways that cryptocurrencies and consensus algorithms can be applied to encourage and reward innovation in new ways. Much like bitcoin rewards miners for finding the next block, we see an analogy to reward stakeholders in offchain situations solving puzzles that can be directly correlated to business value by social consensus.

Voting, protocol governance, and e-governance are also interesting areas on our radar.


Telecommunications applications include the tokenization and exchange between mobile-money systems, mobile and digital wallet payments, micro-loans for telecommunication services, and mesh-networks to name a few.


Decentralized insurance and re-insurance marketplaces