The original idea for Neufund was to build a decentralised VC fund on the blockchain. Since then, we have refined our own understanding of the token economy, and expanded all components to work in a way that the system sustained itself.

Neufund is designed to be a true token economy. Neufund Platform’s value grows when the number and the volume of investments grows, so its economy must be designed to stimulate investment and reward transacting participants. Thus the value of the platform is reflected by a protocol token called Neumark, which participants earn by committing capital. This essentially means that the community economically owns the ecosystem, and it incentivises investors to bootstrap the platform and grow it with further investments.

Neufund opens innovation for good. Our goal is to provide creators with the tools to fund their ventures by going directly to those who believe in their success. That is why we have chosen the name of Neufund: it is the new way to fund ventures.

NEUFUND’s mission is to establish an active secondary market for startup equity, through providing a solution to represent startup shares as Blockchain tokens. This works also for non-Blockchain projects (e.g AI, biotech, hardware etc.) To demonstrate to the Blockchain community that our concept has practical potential, we have converted the 10% pool of NEUFUND stock reserved for the employees into Ethereum tokens, and have provided a smart contract to govern it in place of a legal agreement. Now any incorporated startup can use our solution to implement their ESOP on Blockchain.

Prior projects the team has made to the ecosystem:

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