Decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency projects are moving quickly, Airwaze brings a consumer focus that will unleash a growth engine for authentic sustainable suppliers.


Blockchain by its nature creates distributed and decentralized ecosystems where interoperability will be a major feature as the space matures.  We see two primary ecosystems where we will provide the technological glue empowering consumers to directly impact the growth of companies that verifiably represent their values.

Blockchain applied to supply-chain is a challenging problem requiring the overlay of new technology and business practices onto established systems.  Projects are just now starting to come out of proof-of-concept and we will be partnering with them to provide a consumer lens into the products and supply-chains they enable.

Blockchain applied to cryptocurrencies are moving very quickly, we are partnering with public cryptocurrency blockchains, identity providers, exchanges and wallets to enable tokens created by small businesses to be easily traded, or exchanged for services, by consumers on smart-phones.


Ecosystem Components



Legacy supply-chain infrastructure will take time to move from siloed data warehouses to a transparent distributed ledger solution that blockchain provides.  We are currently developing relationships with the leaders in the space of blockchain applied to supply-chain. Some promising projects to study include,,,, Ambrosus, and


Cryptocurrency & Trading

Platforms such as Ethereum, Stellar and Tezos all have the ability to create a digital token that represents a business, in addition to their smart-contract capabilities.  We are currently evaluating the ecosystem and developing a technical white-paper for the creation of tokens representing small businesses that consumers will be able to collect and use for transactions.

For token liquidity and trading tokens there are projects such as Shapeshift, Evercoin, Equibit and Stellar, creating the infrastructure allowing for easy creation and exchanging of tokens between users and businesses.


Wallets & Identity

The consumer app will be a wallet that contains the identity and consumer interface to the blockchain supply-chain, as well as the currency and exchange cryptocurrency blockchains. We are exploring partnerships with wallets and identity providers such as Abra, Civic, Toshi, Netki and uPort.