Illinois Blockchain Tech

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative, a collaborative effort launched to explore the innovations of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and their impact on government.

Their website is a wealth of information on projects, pilots and studies for how blockchain can be applied to government services such as: Birth Certificates, Medicaid, Utilities, Land Records and more.

Abie Fund is a crowdfunding dapp built on Ethereum.

Abie Fund is a DAO that includes a voting system based on liquid democracy (delegative model). The community vote triggers a transaction to the beneficiary. We vote when a proposal is submitted or when someone asks for membership (Sybil-proof). Liquid democracy allows participants that don't have any device or Internet access to vote on each incoming proposal, and therefore increase the participation rate.

Project Web Site:

"The Aragon Network: A digital jurisdiction.

The Aragon Network (AN) will be the first DAO whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction that makes it extremely easy and friendly for organizations, entrepreneurs and investors to operate.

Aragon organizations will be able to be seamlessly upgraded and solve human disputes using a decentralized court system.

The Aragon Network has its own token, ANT, which will be used to govern every single aspect of its functioning."

Aragon project has been inspired by the paper "The Nature of the Firm" and "Linux and the Nature of the Firm".

I've created a test company for Airwaze on the Kovan testnet, check it out here

Aragon Releases: