Using the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, we empower consumers to support a portfolio of businesses that verifiably represent their values.


Our Beginning

Airwaze got started when a team of technologists, enthusiastic to learn more about the possibilities of blockchain technology, won third prize at the Distributed Market hackathon in March of 2017.  The winning hackathon project was a proof-of-concept for sustainably sourced coffee beans using the hyperledger fabric open source blockchain platform allowing a consumer to scan a QR code to learn everything about the lifecycle of that cup of coffee, and then with the click of a button, directly support the coffee cooperative business leveraging cryptocurrency as the financing vehicle.


“Blockchain applied to supply-chain creates a new type of value driven marketplace, because verifiable product signal cuts through marketing spin.”

— Tony Rose, CO-FOUNDER


Our Mission

To empower consumers to connect with and help grow businesses they love by being at the forefront of blockchain technology as it is being applied to supply-chain for verification of production standards, and cryptocurrencies to enable consumers to support these businesses by developing a portfolio of the businesses that represent their values and the products they want to see become successful.


White Paper


Exploring how a supply-chain leveraging distributed ledger and a supply-chain-network crypto-token can facilitate a more efficient marketplace for global trade, traditional payments, customs clearing, and next-generation financing for suppliers.

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