Airtoken / Airfox Browser



Mobile accessibility using advertising and token-spotting on the blockchain.

  1. AirFox Android App Powered by the AirToken Blockchain

    AirFox’s free Android app, AirFox Browser, enables any prepaid mobile subscriber on Earth to earn AIR. With both apps, users are rewarded in AIR for every ad impression on their device. Users can then exchange those AIR for mobile data or use them to send mobile data to others via 3.5 billion prepaid SIM cards and over 500 wireless carriers.

    Eventually users will also be able to spot one another AIR.



● AirFox Browser - Browse, Buy, Save & Earn

  • ○  The AirFox Browser blocks outside advertising and trackers that traditionally

    consume over 50% of a user’s data plan. Once Android users download the AirFox Browser, they gain fast internet access and can use their mobile data more efficiently.

  • ○  Users can opt-in to non-incentivized (i.e. they aren’t rewarded for clicking them, only observing them) ads from AirFox and those will appear in the browser periodically. Users earn AIR by opting in to AirFox ads.

  • ○  Users can opt to view advertisements and complete offers (e.g. complete surveys, install apps, watch videos, purchase goods, etc) to earn AIR. The amount of AIR each offer is worth is displayed to the user before accepting the offer.

  • ○  Ads are periodically displayed on a user’s smartphone after certain events; for example, a call is ended or the phone is unlocked.

  • ○  Users can also purchase AIR directly within the AirFox Browser app using their local currency in certain countries where AirFox has integrated this service. For example, in the United States, a credit card could purchase AIR.

  • ○  Eventually this app will also allow AirFox users to spot one another AIR based on smartphone data. 

AirFox’s solution harnesses the decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain and advertising to give users “AirTokens”, a new crypto-currency redeemable for mobile data, and eventually physical and digital goods. Users can then establish credit history through their opted-in device data and advertising behavior, enabling AirFox to fund spots via the AirTokens to any person with a smart phone.

AirFox is already integrated with hundreds of wireless carriers buying mobile data in bulk in order to have economies of scale.

AirFox will replace the current mobile ecosystem with a more efficient, decentralized mobile ecosystem that is encompassed around the AirToken, a decentralized blockchain technology, that enables more efficient communication and transactions between the wireless carriers, publishers, advertisers, and mobile users.